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Silver Take Your Time Loving Me

Artist: Peg and Awl

Color: Silver



Poesy ring inspired by a ring from the Victoria and Albert Museum, engraved with the ever-important words first spoken by my boy Søren at the brilliant age of three. Upon the other side are tiny stars and wolves representing balance and the universe.

‘Poesy’ or ‘posy’ rings received their name from the French word ‘poésy’ meaning ‘poetry,’ indicative of the poetic mottos with which they were engraved. They became popular in the 16th century through the 18th century as lovers’ gifts and wedding bands, but were also frequently given as a sign of friendship or loyalty.

– Recycled metal
– Originated from a hand-carved wax piece
– “Take Your Time Loving Me” is engraved on the outside of the ring

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