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A new artist we’ve just started featuring in the idiom “jewel box” is Elise Moran. Her studio, E*A*M, is based in New Hampshire. Moran herself is a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she studied jewelry and metallurgy, and her technical mastery combined with her artistic vision produce these elegant, eye-catching pieces based on nature. We love them. They are bold enough to catch the eye, while remaining impeccably tasteful.

Our E*A*M pieces at idiom are some of Moran’s core of flower designs (waterlilies, magnolias, mums, and tulips). Her unique finishing process gives them a brushed, satiny look, but they are in fact solid sterling silver. Moran’s artistry shines through in the delicate, detailed pieces she creates.

You can see all of our Elise Moran pieces here, or stop by the shop and try them on for yourself!